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Kool Down Air Coolers
Was: $29.98 - $38.98
Now: $29.98 - $33.98
Don't waste time and comfort on clunky fans that simply push around the hot, dry air!

Our portable mini "air conditioner" pulls warm air from the room through its evaporative water filter to give you cool, moist air for hours!

Water tank keeps room cool for up to 10 hours, and adjustable air vents pivot to direct cool air where you want it.
Atomic Large Number Wall Clock
Sets Itself Automatically!

With 1.5" numbers, you don't have to squint to see the time from across the room! High-visibility clock is also radio controlled so time sets automatically and is always correct--even with daylight-saving time.
Wireless Portable Audio Listener
  • Charge time: 3 hrs.
  • Use time: 6 hrs.
  • Range: over 90 ft.
Light weight, rechargeable audio listener cancels out background noise while clarifying sound from TV, radio, and live conversations.

With controls for volume, treble/bass, and left/right sound balance. Mute sound from transmitter to activate receiver's built-in microphone for amplified conversations around you.

Includes headset receiver, transmitter & charge station with AC power cable, earphones with 2 spare pairs of earbuds, RCA adapter, and 3.5mm audio cable.

Headset receiver fits in pocket or clips to belt.
Hurricane Spin Broom - As Seen On TV
Just One Pass Picks Up Any Mess With Ease!

No Batteries, Cords, Or Bags! The Hurricane Spin Broom features powerful cyclonic cleaning action for wet OR dry messes. Broom's triple brushes rotate to pull crumbs, dirt, dust, and spills into its path.

Works on wood, laminate, tile, and more. One-touch, large-capacity bin empties in seconds.

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Stand-A-Roo Dual Arm Couch Cane
Stand From Your Couch Safely & Easily!

Super-strong couch cane helps you stand from a seated position. Place right under the couch cushion. Anodized aluminum and soft EVA foam grips.
Himalaya Salt Crystal Nightlight - As Seen On TV
Uniquely attractive nightlight casts a warm relaxing glow, and even helps clean and purify the air.

Plugs directly into outlet.

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Folding Wire Fruit Basket
Versatile wire basket shapes to fit your needs for holding fruits and other foods in the kitchen, toiletries in the restroom, or decorative items for display.
Large Button Telephone
Phone Calls Made Easy Again!

Telephone for desk or wall features oversized, easy-to-see buttons; hands-free speakerphone with volume control; AND light-up ringer indicator. Ten 2-touch memory, flash, and last-number redial.

Includes coiled handset cord, and telephone cable. Keyhole drilled for wall mount.
Wall Planter Set
$17.98 - $18.98
Grow & Display Flowers On Your Wall!

A fun, beautiful alternative to traditional window boxes, these colorful pots with sturdy interlocking panels mount right on your wall. Position horizontally, vertically, or use multiple sets for endless possible artistic arrangements.

Set of 4 plastic pots and panels includes mounting hardware.
Broom Mop - As Seen On TV
Your All-In-One Cleaning Solution!

Quickly clean wet or dry spills anywhere in your house with one tool. Flexible mop head with handle features a dirt-capturing sweeper pad on one side and microfiber mop pad on the other.

Built-in squeegee is perfect for spotless glass and windows. All removable pads rinse clean.

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Zapp Light - As Seen On TV
The Light Bulb That Kills Flying Insects & Mosquitoes!

Powerful indoor/outdoor bug zapper utilizes a super-bright LED to attract flying insects into its electrical grid to kill bugs on contact.

Dual light modes means you can turn off the 60W LED and use the zapper alone for bug protection while you sleep.

Simply replace your existing bulb with the ZappLight to protect yourself from disease-carrying mosquitoes and other winged pests without using dangerous chemicals or stinky candles.

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Digital Day And Time Clock
Never forget the date or day of the week again!

Digital clock & calendar displays day of the week, time, and date on a bright, easy-to-read screen. Secondary mode displays message stating "Now It's..." followed by day of the week, and "Morning", "Afternoon", "Evening", or "Night".

Desk or wall mount, 12/24 hour clock, and choice of 8 languages.
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