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Hatchet Multi Tool
The perfect all-purpose tool to help you chop, slice, saw, pry, pound, or screw virtually anything. We're not talking about your Friday-night plans, either--unless those plans involve fixing All The Things!

Our multi-tool with wood-grain handle does it all, featuring a heavyweight, forged stainless-steel hammer and hatchet (with protective guard), spring-loaded pliers with wire cutter, and an assortment of pull-out tools: straight blade, serrated blade with file, Phillips screwdriver, double-tooth saw, and a 4-position mini wrench with can/bottle opener (that also doubles as a flat-head screwdriver!).

Includes a black nylon pouch with Velcro® closure and belt strap.

Cannot ship to California addresses.
Drug Free Sleep Aid
Was: $19.98
Now: $7.67
Conquer insomnia, and enjoy restful sleep without habit-forming drugs, bulky masks, or complicated contraptions.

Low-profile sleep aid with one-touch operation delivers gentle pulses of soothing blue light to encourage relaxation and help make it easier to comfortably drift off to sleep.

Featuring 3 timer modes for 5, 7, and 25 mins., and built-in night-light.
Tip And Split
Was: $19.98
Now: $8.57
Handheld device with built-in 2.5X magnifier and backlight easily calculates tip amounts and how to split the restaurant bill! Just enter check amount, tip percentage, and how many people are in your party--that's it!

Easy to read, reduces stress and error, and fits in purse or pocket.
Magna Vision - As Seen On TV
Mobile-Device Screen Enlarger!

Stop struggling to see videos and photos on your tiny smartphone screen! Now, you can easily magnify your videos, text, and more by 300%!

Just place your mobile device on the back support plate and adjust the front screen to desired position. Perfect for watching movies, TV shows, and sports, web surfing, reading books, and more.

Portable design makes it ideal for road trips, plane rides--or simply enjoying in the comfort of your own home!

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Key Locator
Never Lose Your Keys Again!

Attach one of these 2 key fobs to your key ring, slip the card remote in your wallet or bag, and you'll never worry about being late due to lost keys again!

Slim-design remote is about the size of a credit card--easily portable so you can quickly locate missing keys even away from home.

Press button on the card and corresponding key fob beeps and flashes until you press the button again to deactivate. Works at a range of up to 60 feet.
Dryer Sheep - As Seen On TV
Was: $9.98
Now: $2.37
Soften fabrics naturally, reduce wrinkles, and dry laundry faster!

Toss Dryer Sheep (2-3 for small loads, 4-6 for large loads) in with laundry and they'll tumble with clothes to lift and separate, allowing hot air to flow more efficiently.

Dries loads up to 25% faster while naturally fluffing fabrics without the need for costly, skin-irritating chemical softeners or sheets. Even helps make towels more absorbent!

Set of 2 pure New Zealand wool balls are hypoallergenic, eco friendly, super quiet, and reusable up to 1000 loads.

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Super Absorbent Quilted Underpads
$12.98 - $19.98
Super Absorbent Ultra-Soft Bed Pads Assures Dry Comfort!

Brushed quilted surface is kind to the skin as it works to draw moisture away from the body. Waterproof bottom layer is coated to protect bedding.

3-ply pad protects with 2 soaker layers while the 4-ply pad protects with 3 soaker layers for heavy-duty absorption.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Large Print Check Registry
Easily see and keep track of your checking account transactions with this large-print register.

Oversized, bold columns allow plenty of room to notate each transaction and reference individual items at a glance.
Easy Push Drill Driver
This 2-in-1 drill and screwdriver eliminates the need for a power drill!

No need to fuss with plugs or charging batteries when you need to drill through drywall or wood to hang pictures or install cabling or wiring. Just insert a bit or driver, and push to start drilling!

Reversible ratchet allows for both clockwise and counterclockwise motion at the flip of a switch, and quick-release chuck makes it easy to change out bits and drivers.

Includes 0.08", 0.09", 0.13", 0.16", and 0.19" drill bits, PH0, PH1, and PH2 Phillip's-head drivers, and 0.13" and 0.22" flat-head drivers--and all pieces store in handle for easy access.
Flexible Vacuum Attachment
Was: $9.98
Now: $2.17
Universal tool fits most standard-size hose ends to extend your reach and get into cramped or awkward spots.

Use to get into tight furniture spaces, in the dryer lint trap, under appliances, and more. Slide the brush head onto the end of the crevice tool to vacuum.
EZ Waistband Stretcher
Take Back Those Missing Inches & Breathe Easier!

How many favorite pair of jeans and pants sit in the closet because they shrunk after washing? Get ready to slip into them again! Simply wet the waistbands then use this stretcher to gain up to 5 inches of breathing room.

Safe to use on clothing again and again!
RFID-Blocking Credit Card Sleeve Set
Was: $9.98
Now: $5.77
Use With Your Existing Wallet!

Identity theft, by scanning the RFID chips (found in most of our credit cards and IDs) through our wallets, is fast becoming widespread. But there's no need to stop using the wallet you love.

These sleeves are made of a patented tear-resistant material that protects your cards from RFID scanners. Just slide card into sleeve and put in your wallet as usual. Then go about your day knowing you are protected.
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