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Wireless Driveway Alert Alarm
Was: $1.00 - $38.98
Now: $0.98 - $29.97
Want to be alerted when someone pulls into your driveway, or walks around your backyard?

Monitor important entry points to your home or business with this alert system. When motion is detected, the receiver sounds a chime (volume is adjustable) letting you know someone is around. Transmitter can be mounted up to 200-ft away from the receiver--anywhere you want to detect traffic or movement (indoors or out).
HD Micro Key Fob Camera
$22.98 - $82.98
  • Take up to 10,000 Pictures!*
  • Flashlight Mode.
  • Also Has Stealth Motion Detection Feature.
Looks just like any other key fob... but it's really a secret mini camera! The lock/unlock and trunk buttons actually activate different camera modes. Takes 12 mega pixel pictures, records HD 1080p video with audio. Also features motion detection and flashlight modes.

Download your AVI, JPG and WAV files to your computer, or, simply view them on your TV (cable included). Compatible with Micro SD cards, not included. Our 4 GB micro SD card, sold separately, will hold up to 10,000 photos.

System requirements: Windows ME/2000/XP/Win7/2003/Vista; Mac OX 10.4. Note: Always check federal, state, and local regulations regarding consent of parties to being recorded.
Renu-It Pro Series Battery Charger
Renew Your Batteries & Save Money!

Don't throw those batteries out! Instead, renew them up to 70 times! Charger has 4 expandable battery docks to fit "AAA", "AA", "C" and "D" batteries, plus a spot for a 9-volt battery. Compatible with alkaline, Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries!

It's easy to see when batteries are done, thanks to the LED indicators and digital display that shows full charge, charging and bad battery indicators.
Atomic Projection Alarm Clock
$2.98 - $39.98
Automatically sets to the Atomic time and date. Sound-activated backlight. Projects onto wall or ceiling.

Atomic clock projects the current time and outdoor temperature onto your wall or ceiling (clock has adjustable focus and rotating projection arm) for easy viewing.

Extended 200-ft range to capture outdoor temperatures. Also features moon phase icons, 12/24 time display, alarm clock, calendar and sound-activated backlight.
Wheelchair Backpack
It's a mini backpack for your wheelchair!

Designed with two loops to suspend from the wheelchair handles, this bag has 4 zippered pockets to hold your necessities.
Chop 'N Serve® Cutting Board
Was: $29.98
Now: $16.87
Cutting board makes meal preparation easy, fast and fun! Turn it into a taco bar or a veggie platter!

Chop what you need and push it into an attached container to keep your cutting surface clear. Seal that container and store in the fridge or take it right to the table.

Eliminate cross-contamination with the washable cutting mats.

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Flex Seal™ - As Seen On TV
Stops Leaks Fast!

Excellent for roof leaks, gutters, skylights, hoses, windowsills, duct work, basements, and more. Rubberized leak sealer seeps into cracks and holes to seal out air and moisture.

Easy to use! Just shake and spray over area where leak occurred. When dry, Flex Seal is a long-lasting, watertight, paintable rubber coating that won't sag, drip, crack or peel.

Cannot ship to California addresses.

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USB Powered Flower Fan
$2.98 - $7.98
Mini foam fan adds a spot of color to your surroundings and just enough breeze to keep you comfortable at your desk. Plugs into your computer's USB port, or operates independently.

Colors may vary; our choice, please.
Comfort Arm Chair Pads Set
Add cushy comfort to any chair in your house. Works on arm chairs, office chairs, even wheelchairs!

Fits most chairs--just use attached straps to secure to arm of chair.
Bug Buster™ Vacuum Wand Insect Trapper
$0.98 - $13.98
Bug Buster Insect Trapper sucks up spiders, flies, wasps, bees and more!

No harmful chemicals, no dead bugs smashed against your wall, and less chance of being bitten or stung. Simply press the button to start the suction, bring the open end near the insect and it's swiftly swept inside.

Slip the safety cap over the end to prevent escape and empty the vacuum outside.
Motion Sensor Security Alarm And Chime
$2.98 - $17.98
Motion Sensor Secures Your Home!

Sounds a piercing siren alarm when someone walks within 16 feet of it! Or, switch it to a pleasant chime when you just want to be notified that someone is around.

Turn it on or off with one of the 2 included remotes. No wiring or installation needed. Just mount to your desired location with included hardware.
Ultrasonic Animal Chaser Gun
$0.98 - $19.98
Safely chase away dogs, cats, squirrels and garden pests with the press of a trigger!

Ultrasonic Scram Patrol gun with laser light sighting effectively targets nuisance animals up to 20 feet away, and humanely repels them without harm or disturbance to neighbors.

Can also be used as a pet trainer.
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