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Hercules Hose - As Seen On TV
$19.98 - $39.98
Virtually Indestructible!

Say goodbye to heavy hoses that tangle and break over time! Lightweight, portable hose features tough interlocking stainless-steel armor to keep water in and everything else out.

Industrial-strength connector prevents messy, expensive water leaks, and durable construction resists kinks, tangles, AND corrosion.

BONUS hose reel included!

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Solar Water Sprayer Animal Repeller
$39.98 - $42.98
Keep unwanted animals away without using dangerous chemicals or traps!

Solar-powered, motion-activated animal repeller sprays a burst of water to drive away raccoons, skunks, stray dogs, and more--day AND night! Connects to any garden hose and features 1000-sq. ft. spray range, and a 30-ft. detection range.

Connect multiple repellers for maximum protection.
Multi Cut - As Seen On TV
Three-In-One Precision Slicer, Wire Cutter, & Utility Knife!

Multi-Cut's razor-sharp blade slices through thick & rigid materials with ease, making it perfect for home repairs, yardwork, and crafting.

Retractable stainless-steel blade slices open boxes and clamshell packaging, and precision cuts drywall and carpeting! Titanium-coated wire cutter trims copper, aluminum, steel wire, and more.

With safety-lock feature, and 4 replacement blades.

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Ceramic Bug Zapper
Solar-powered decorative zapper attracts and kills bugs all night. Charges all day and automatically turns on at dusk.

Hang on hook or branch, or set on tabletop or railing.
Spotlight Stand
With Removable Cordless Flashlights!

Portable spotlight stand features removable flashlights with rubberized grips, mounts that adjust to any angle, and telescoping height adjustment. Perfect for photography, mechanical work, and more.

Grips include magnets to secure flashlights to stand.
Rodent Sheriff - As Seen On TV
Did you know that pests HATE mint?

This fast-acting ready-to-use formula uses the power of ultra-pure mint, proven to repel mice, raccoons, roaches, and ants!

Perfect for gardens, around trash cans, entry points around the house, garages, attics, and more.

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Solar Motion LED Light
$11.00 - $14.98
Solar-powered light features 20 high-powered LEDs with 160-lumen output--bright enough to turn night into day!

Built-in motion sensor detects movement within 15 feet and turns on the light. Charge for 7 hours in the sun to provide up to 12 hours of illumination at night.

Quickly and easily installs with included mounting hardware and instructions.
Turbo Scrub 360° - As Seen On TV
$9.98 - $39.98
No more bending, kneeling, or getting on "all fours" to clean!

Cordless, handheld power scrubber, features a rotating, scrubbing head that spins at a powerful 300 RPMs to clean rooms from top to bottom!

Lightweight scrubber is perfect for deep cleaning tile, tubs, grout, tight corners, and more. You can even use it outside on tire rims, pools, and patio furniture! Runs up to 60 mins. on a single charge.

Kit includes extension wand, dome brush, cone brush, flat brush, and AC adapter. Replacement brush head set also available.

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The Original Metal Garden Hose Small - As Seen On TV
$24.98 - $39.98
Tough As Nails... Gentle on your garden!

Lightweight hose is easy to carry and coil, AND includes a high-pressure fire-hose nozzle.

Heavy-duty stainless-steel construction won't puncture, kink, or corrode, remains cool to the touch, and practically winds and unwinds itself from your favorite hose reel.

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All In One Solar Weather Station
Weather station features solar-powered lamp, wind spinner, wind-direction indicator, thermometer, rain gauge, and snow scale.

With weather resistant durable metal & plastic assembly, and easily anchors in yard with included metal stake.
Zapp Light - As Seen On TV
The Light Bulb That Kills Flying Insects & Mosquitoes!

Powerful indoor/outdoor bug zapper utilizes a super-bright LED to attract flying insects into its electrical grid to kill bugs on contact.

Dual light modes means you can turn off the 60W LED and use the zapper alone for bug protection while you sleep.

Simply replace your existing bulb with the ZappLight to protect yourself from disease-carrying mosquitoes and other winged pests without using dangerous chemicals or stinky candles.

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Pocket Flip Brella - As Seen On TV
Get In & Out Of The Rain Without Getting Wet!

The Pocket Flip Brella opens and closes automatically with inside-out action. With a touch of a button, the wet side folds in and dry side folds out, holding rain in a waterproof "cone" to keep you, your clothes, floor, and furniture dry!

Fits through 2" door openings, and durable pongee fabric can withstand nearly hurricane-force winds up to 70MPH. Fits in purse, bag, or glove compartment.

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