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Magnetic Therapy Back Band
Was: $59.98 - $59.98
Now: $10.07 - $49.57
Dual function back band provides magnetic therapy AND has bioceramic dots that absorb body heat and reflect it back as far infrared energy that penetrates tissues to increase circulation.

Contains a total of 34 sewn-in magnets (24 at back, 4 at hips and 6 on abdomen) for maximum coverage and deep-penetrating magnet therapy.

With adjustable hook and loop closure.
Plantar Fasciitis Heel Cup Insoles
Mens Womens
Was: $8.98
Now: $5.97


Clinically Tested & Proven To Relieve Heel Pain!

Heel cups transfer pressure off painful heels, help reverse and prevent plantar fasciitis and promote healing of ligaments.

A gel heel absorbs shock and impact while the deep heel cup provides stability. Firm three-quarter insert is cushioned to protect sensitive feet.
Adjustable Slimming Belt And Back Support
Was: $11.98
Now: $2.37
Slimming Belt Helps Flatten & Shape Abs!

Belt adjusts with you as you slim down! Promotes sauna-like effects to help shed excess water weight. Also provides excellent back support.
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