Hand and Foot Care

Hand and Foot Care

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Night Time Foot Bunion Splints
Treat Bunions While You Sleep!

Soft, lightweight sleeve features anatomically designed gel pad to cushion sore bunions, and soft, breathable fabric for all-night comfort. With adjustable tension control and hook & loop closure.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Gel Bunion Sleeve With Toe Spreader
Put An End To Bunion Pain!

Gel bunion sleeve with toe spreader helps align big toe, relieve pressure on big-toe joints, and gently stretch tight tendons & muscles.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Magnetic Gel Wrist Support
Help Relieve Pain With Powerful Magnet Therapy!

Comforting wrist strap features comfortable thumb loop, gel padding with sewn-in 2500-gauss magnet, and soft & stretchy fabric to help support wrist and ease pain from arthritis, carpal tunnel, and more.

Delivers soothing compression without restricting movement, and powerful magnet helps increase circulation and speed healing.
Magnetic Copper Cuff Bracelet
Copper and magnets are long believed to help ease joint pain and lower stress levels!

Attractive unisex copper bracelet features 4 built-in magnets on each end.
Hand And Wrist Support
Therapeutic Relief From Hand & Wrist Pain!

Help sooth tender wrists and hands with therapeutic compression. Wrist support with moisture-wicking, breathable, 4-way stretch knitting helps relieve hand and wrist pain while protecting from further injury.
Ribbed Magnetic Copper Cuff Bracelet
Attractive Bracelet With Copper & Magnet Therapy!

Unisex-style ribbed cuff bracelet is made with pure copper and features 3 magnets on each end. Both copper and magnet therapy have long since been hailed for their therapeutic benefits for helping ease tension and arthritis pain.
Two In One Gel Ball Of Foot Protector
Cushion And Protect Tender Feet!

Set of 2 gel comfort sleeves cushion ball of foot AND help correct toe alignment. Soft, flexible mineral-oil gel conforms to help absorb shock, and toe separator helps prevent big-toe overlap and irritation.

Perfect for exercise and daily activities, and fits in most footwear.
Gel Padded Bunion Wrap
Comfortable toe separator features soft, breathable fabric with hook & loop closure and soothing gel padding to help ease bunion pain and realign the toe.

Choose: Right or Left.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Ultra Gel Heel Cushions
Set of 2 low-profile gel shoe inserts help absorb shock and cushion tender heels.

Soft, suede-like fabric with honeycomb gel design fits comfortably in virtually any shoe and heel cup gently cradles the foot.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Air Pillow Massager
Portable Massage At Home, Office, Or On The Road!

Inflatable massage pillow uses air pressure to alleviate fatigue. Use included hand pump to inflate the chambers, then set pillow in seat or beneath your legs or feet to start your vibrating massage! Powers on and off automatically with your body pressure.

Includes BONUS telescoping back scratcher!
Adjustable Fit Ankle Support
$5.00 - $6.98
Comfortable Support For Painful Ankles!

Stabilize and help protect sore ankles with comfortable support and compression. Stretchy, adjustable wrap soothes painful tendons, joints, and muscles.
Fiberfill Padded Heel Protectors
Cushion tender heels and help protect against sores while in bed, wheelchair, or on the couch.

Set of 2 pillowy soft padded heel protectors surround feet in comfort and secure with hook & loop straps.
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