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Hotshotz Hot/Cold Packs And Back Strap
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Hotshotz Hot/Cold Packs And Back Strap
Soothe achy muscles, de-stress, or beat the chill at the doctor's office with instant heat!

Heat packs contain a non-toxic solution that heats and expands at the push of a button for up to 2 hours. Perfect for neck and shoulders, lower back, or virtually anywhere else therapeutic heat is needed.

To use again, boil pack in pot of water to "melt" contents, and let cool to room temperature. Can also be used as an ice pack--just place in freezer for up to one hour.

Insulate the lower back pack with Hotshotz Back Strap to prolong heat. Strap comes in assorted colors; our choice, please.
Hotshotz Neck And Shoulders Hot/Cold Pack
Hotshotz Lower Back Hot/Cold Pack
Hotshotz Lower Back Strap