Kitchen Helpers

Kitchen Helpers

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Easy Layers Sqaure And Sheet Pans
$12.98 - $27.98
Use your favorite cake mixes or homemade batter to bake multiple layers at once!

An easy way to make tortes by adding whipped cream, frosting, mousse or fruit between layers. Or, mix different flavors into each layer for a really unique taste sensation!

Set of 4 square pans and set of 2 sheet pans both include several recipes.
Egglettes - As Seen On TV
Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs Without The Shell!

Never peel a hard-boiled egg again! Crack an egg into one of the set of 4 Egglettes, twist on the lid, boil on your stovetop, then pop the egg right out of the non-stick silicone pod. Makes hard- or soft-boiled eggs, and mini omelets!

Also perfect for easy deviled eggs, salads, snacks, and more!

Click here to see the instructions plus some easy and fun recipes!

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Cardinals Shaker Set
For some, seeing a cardinal in your yard symbolizes a visit from a departed loved one.

Salt & pepper pair is crafted in brilliant red with handpainted accents.
Toastilla Set
Make Quesadillas, Heat Tortillas, And More... In Your Toaster!

Use your toaster to make delicious quesadillas, sandwiches, and desserts, or toast corn or flour tortillas! Fold tortilla around meats, cheeses, etc., enclose within hinged, interlocking rack, and insert in toaster slot for a delicious, toasted treat in minutes!

Heat-resistant handles stay cool to the touch for easy handling, and entire unit is dishwasher safe. Set of 2 racks.
Nutri Slicer - As Seen On TV
Vegetable & Fruit Slicer!

Easily slice, shred, and grate fruits and vegetables for salads, snacks, desserts, and more, 18X faster than before! Powerful slicer includes 3 stainless steel "drum" style blades, features a locking suction base, and is dishwasher safe.

Great for potatoes, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, kiwi, cheeses, etc.

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Gotham Steel 5.5
Deluxe aluminum frying pan has titanium and ceramic nonstick coating, making it safe for use with metal utensils!

No more scratching and scraping--because foods never stick!

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Delicious Recipes For Diabetics Cookbook
Make 315 diabetic-friendly recipes with every sip and bite of the satisfying flavors you crave!

Beautifully designed cookbook contains delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, along with smart-carb tips, as well as nutrition information and diabetic exchanges for every recipe.
Instant Pot Cookbook
A one-stop cookbook for quick and easy meals to prepare in your pressure cooker! You'll find more than 75 delicious ways to please your family's palate!

Recipes include Spinach & Herb Lasagna, Pulled Pork, Veggie Green Thai Curry, Stuffed Turkey Breast, Créme Brulee, Double Chocolate Cheesecake--and that's just a small sampling of what your amazing pot can do.
Flip Straw Insulated Bottle
Silver Teal
Enjoy convenient, one-handed, tilt-free drinking with this triple-insulated stainless steel straw bottle!

Silicone straw and spout are easy to clean, and integrated carry handle lets you take it virtually anywhere. With stainless steel inner and outer layer, copper middle layer, and vacuum center, drinks stay cold and fresh for up to 36 hours. Compact shape fits most cup holders.

Choose silver or teal.
The Original White House Cookbook
Initially published in 1887, comprised of recipes, cooking techniques, etiquette instruction, household care, and more.

This wonderful snapshot from history includes recipes by Martha Washington and Mary Todd Lincoln, as well as historic menus for special occasions. A best-seller in its day, with 500+ recipes for soups, meats, vegetables, pasta, desserts, and more!

Compiled by a former cook, along with a White House steward; foreword by former White House chef John Moeller.
Favorite Brand Names Diner Recipes Cookbook
Classic goodness and down-home taste, created with name brand ingredients you've trusted for years!

Includes recipes for Golden French Toast, Shredded Chicken BBQ Sandwiches, Tex-Mex Chili, Meatloaf, Shrimp Scampi, Blueberry Pie, Banana Cake, and more!

In all, more than 60 fabulous recipes for classic American comfort food.
Reheatza Microwave Crisper - As Seen On TV
Get oven-quality crispiness straight from the microwave!

Revolutionary microwave crisper is perfect for frozen and leftover pizza, grilled cheeses, fries, and more. Nonstick cooking surface and specially designed lid converts microwave energy into conductive heat, for even cooking.

No more soggy pizza or snacks!

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