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Denture Hygenie Cleaning System
$18.98 - $139.98
Denture hygiene cleaning system includes everything you need to keep dentures fresh and clean!

Denture brush features dual scrubbers for removing food particles and surface stains, and ultrasonic cleaner with whitening tablets kills up to 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria while getting rid of tough stains overnight.

Use included denture cream for a secure fit after cleaning.
Electronic TENS Therapy Massager
Drug-Free Pain Relief At Home!

Portable electrotherapy device stimulates nerves and muscles to help ease tension and relieve pain.

Features 9 levels of electronic-pulse intensity with 5 speeds; 5 therapy modes, including acupuncture, scraping, massage, hammering, and cupping; and custom massage programs for shoulders, back, feet, and arms.

Includes 2 electrodes and a storage pouch.

Should not be used by individuals who have implanted medical devices.
Mahogany Classic Day Wall Clock
When All You Need To Know Is What Day It Is!

When it's easy to lose track of the day, the Mahogany Day Clock keeps track of events like card night, golf day, and more!

The lines around each day denote midnight. The red hand circles the clock face every 168 hours (seven 24-hour days).

Contemporary styling complements any décor.
Wet Paint Floral Kimono
$39.98 - $41.98
Light and flowing kimono with 3/4 sleeves features a vibrant patch of posies "dripping" with color on front and back.

Wear as a beach cover-up, lounge robe, or as a colorful accent over your favorite top.
Talking Power Hand Grip Exerciser
Was: $39.98
Now: $33.98
Squeeze your way to increased strength, dexterity, and range of motion in fingers, hands, and arms!

Talking digital grip exerciser is perfect for use at home, the office, or on the road, with results displayed on LCD screen, and read aloud in a pleasant, feminine voice.

With comfortable, ergonomic design, and maximum grip force of 110 lbs.
Aquamist Personal Humidifier
Breathe & Rest Easier Without The Bulk Of A Full-Size Humidifier!

Convert any size water bottle (not included) into your own personal humidifier for relief from dry air! Compact, lightweight, and cordless, making it perfect for home, work, and travel.

Whisper-quiet operation, and built-in timer for 2, 4, or 6 hours.
Side Panel Aloha Camp Shirt
$52.90 - $56.98
Add A Splash Of The Tropics To Your Wardrobe!

Authentic Hawaiian shirt features a spray of pineapples, palm fronds, and flowers on right panel, a beautiful contrast against navy blue.

With matched pocket and coconut-shell buttons.
Airspray Mandala Spring Top
$29.98 - $31.98
Elegantly Feminine Swing Top Perfect For Any Occasion!

Hemline flatters most figures and looks great with everything from jeans to leggings to dress pants. With comfy 3/4-length sleeves and stylized mandala screenprint design.
Tempi Clock Temperature Alarm Clock
Sleek, low-profile digital clock displays time, date, weekday, and inside temperature (in °F or °C).

Press the "light" button for a soft blue glow.
Arctic Air Ultra - As Seen On TV
$12.98 - $39.98
Enjoy Cool, Clean Air... Anywhere!
  • Cools up to 10 hrs. per fill.
  • Compact & portable.
  • 3 adjustable speeds.
  • Adjustable grill.
  • Ultra quiet.
  • Built-in LED nightlight.
  • Dishwasher-safe filter.
  • Filter lasts up to 6 months.
Just add water and push the power button to cool, humidify, and purify the air for maximum comfort in your home, office, RV, and more. Replacement filters available.

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EZ Read Visual Aid For TV
Read Books, Newspapers, and More On Your TV!

Transform your TV into a visual reading aid with this electronic magnifier! Place this computer mouse-shaped device directly on top of your reading material to display the magnified image in full color on your TV screen.

Connects in seconds using included video cable. Internal LED illumination ensures the image on the screen is bright and easy to read. TV-screen size determines level of magnification. The bigger your screen, the bigger the image!
Mani/Pedi Set With UV Dryer
Professional-Quality Mani/Pedi At Home!

Cordless mani/pedi nail file features 5 interchangeable heads and a UV dryer to help keep your toenails and fingernails shiny and beautiful.

Attachments include: shaping cylinder, callus remover, shaping grinder, filing cylinder, and polishing grinder all for easy and precise application. File and attachments store in base with built-in UV dryer.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
ClearNails Onychomycosis Cure And ProClearz Brite Now Nail Restorer
$19.98 - $24.98
100% All Natural & Organic!

Start now and be ready to show off those clear nails this spring! Doctor recommended, homeopathic formula is the only topical treatment that penetrates the nail to cure fungus. Use twice daily on unpolished finger or toe nails. One vial lasts about 4 months.

Your Toenails Can Be Healthy & Beautiful Again!

Brush-on nail liquid immediately brightens and smooths with a clear polymer barrier and penetrates nails for 24 hrs. to reduce thickness & discoloration. Peel-away technology helps restore clearer, healthier nail appearance with daily use as directed for 3-6 months. Product goes on white and dries clear, and is nail-polish compatible.

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Word Search Puzzle Book Sets
$25.98 - $29.98
Set of 2 Bible large-print word-search puzzle books features 150 word finds inspired by powerful passages of the Bible and the most moving hymns of all time! Each themed word find is a chance to strengthen and celebrate elements of your faith while puzzle solving.

TV Guide Magazine's collection features topics like sports, classic sitcoms, game shows, and more. Hollywood word searches include Oscar and Emmy winners, directors, actors, actresses, and many others.

Save 10% when you buy any 2 or more!
Essential Oil Diet Blend
Suppress The Sensations Of Hunger!

Powerful blend of essential oils helps curb cravings for snacks and sweets, making it easier to reach your weight-loss goals! Just gently massage in 2 drops to each wrist, each side of the neck, and above the navel twice daily.

Contains a proprietary blend of frankincense (to help suppress the urge to snack), myrrh (to help restore beneficial bacteria in the gut), and cinnamon (to help reduce high-carb cravings).
Diabetic Cooking For Beginners Cookbook
Dozens Of Easy-To-Create Diabetic-Friendly Meals, Snacks, & More!

Whether you've recently received a new diagnosis of diabetes or need help managing your condition, this book can help!

You'll find insight into understanding the connection between diabetes and health and nutrition, along with a collection of more than 85 recipes perfect for you and your family.
Lido Aid Pain Relief Spray Set
Portable Pain-Relieving Gel!

Get quick relief from pain and itching associated with minor cuts, scrapes, and more! Set of 2 spray bottles each contain 4% lidocaine HCL.

Apply to affected area no more than 3-4 times daily.
iPhone And iPad For Seniors Book Set
Easy-To-Follow Senior Guides To Using iPhones & iPads!

Fully illustrated guides for iPhones and iPads are written in larger type, using non-technical language.

Learn how to: Master Siri, make and receive calls and messages, explore iTunes, organize and share documents, take and share photos, video chat for free, and more! Set of 2.
Hempvana Pain Relief Cream - As Seen On TV
Soothe away pain from arthritis, muscle aches, and strains, in hands, knees, neck, back, and more!

Now available for the first time in all 50 states, this odor-free, non-irritating, non-greasy formula combines an FDA-cleared, proven active ingredient with extract of the Cannabis sativa plant to help block nerve-impulse transmissions that can cause pain.

Apply to affected area up to 4 times daily.

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Learn To Play Piano Book
Learn To Play Piano In 6 Weeks!

Take your piano skills to the next level! Featuring a chord-based method, this guide quickly gets you up to speed on patterns, improvisation, blues, and more with progressive lessons and exercises. You also get 6 tunes that prepare you to choose your own favorites!

Includes links to free online instructional videos.

Save 10% when you buy any 2 or more!

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Butterfly Feeder With Butterfly Nectar
Attract Beautiful Butterflies To Your Yard Or Garden!

Bright yellow feeder holds nectar and features built-in "ant moat" to deter bees, ants, and other pests. Use included bag of nectar mix (makes up to 6 cups when you add water), or place small pieces of overripe fruit on the integrated fruit trays.

Hangs on 5/8" branch or pole, not included.
Trolley Dolly With Seat
Easily tote groceries, beach essentials, laundry, and more, AND enjoy a sturdy place to sit no matter where you are!

Durable hand truck features a roomy tote with 7 compartments; oversized, beefy wheels for smoothly navigating sand, stairs, curbs, cobblestone, and virtually any other uneven surface; tubular, powder-coated steel frame; comfort cushion handle; and flip-down seat.

Folds in half for travel and storage, and tote with shoulder strap removes for independent use.
Simmer Mat
No More Burnt-On Food!

Innovative heat diffuser is designed to help control temperature of cooking surfaces to ensure long, slow cooking.

High-quality enameled steel "mat" sits atop virtually any cooking surface (gas, electric, glass, ceramic, and induction), to diffuse heat, helping eliminate hot spots and prevent scorching.

Ideal for: soups, rice, oatmeal, milk desserts & sauces, melting chocolate, toffee, and more!
Infrared Wrist Support
Support & Relief For Sore Wrists!

Adjustable compression wrist support lined with hundreds of bio-ceramic dots delivers therapeutic far-infrared therapy to stiff, sore wrists.

Soft elastic material effectively surrounds the wrist and reflects body heat to help restore flexibility and relieve pain and discomfort from sprains, carpal-tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and more.
Cellulift Body Vacuum
Say Goodbye To Cellulite!

Portable vacuum therapy system combines gentle suction and rolling massage to help reduce the appearance of cellulite on thighs, arms, stomach, buttocks, hips, and legs. Massage and suction help improve lymphatic drainage and stretch skin to smooth out cellulite's bumpy "cottage cheese" appearance.

Kit includes large cup with double massage rollers for use on greater surface areas, and smaller cup with one roller for use on more petite, delicate areas.
Pedi Vac - As Seen On TV
Soft, Beautiful Feet Without The Mess!

Rechargeable, motorized callus remover buffs away tough, thickened skin and sucks up shavings and dust with built-in vacuum function.

Features 2 speeds and a palm-sized comfortable design and includes one each emery and buffing pads.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.

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Zap Cane With Stun And Flashlight
Sturdy cane features high-voltage stun base that activates with the push of a button should you ever need to defend yourself!

Powerful enough to induce severe pain, though the voltage sound alone could be enough to scare off any threat: human OR animal! Additional features include: ultra-bright flashlight, removable reflective safety band, adjustable length, rubber tip, and nylon carry case.

This item is not meant for use as a weapon, but rather, as a deterrent to help ward off a would-be attacker.

WARNING: May not be legal in all states. Please check with your local authorities. This item is for use by adults 21 years of age and older, cannot be sold to anyone convicted of a felony, and cannot be shipped to Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, or Rhode Island addresses. Keep out of reach of children. Not to be carried aboard any commercial aircraft.

WARNING: May contain chemical(s) known to the State of CA to cause cancer or reproductive harm.
Organizzi 3 Way Bag
Black Blue
Slim-line bag is a crossbody, wristlet, and waist bag in one!

Features 3 compartments for all your essentials and RFID lining in front compartment to help prevent against identity theft.

Zippered main compartment is great for keys, wallet, large-size smartphones, and more. 2 front compartments to hold small-to-mid-size smartphones.

Colors: Black or Blue.
5 Ingredient Air Fryer Recipes Book
Enjoy your favorite fried foods with just a fraction of the fat and calories, none of the messy cleanup, and with only a few familiar ingredients!

Discover 200 mouthwatering recipes designed exclusively for the air fryer, including: loaded pizza potato tots, bacon-wrapped cheddar jalapeños, pretzel-coated chicken tenders, and more!
Stainless Steel Butter Mill
Easily Spread Cold Butter Right Out Of The Fridge!

Stop tearing up your bread while trying to spread cold butter! Use our mill to quickly and easily dispense cold butter for easy spreading on bread, bagels, and rolls.

Insert butter, twist the bottom, and butter squeezes out the top. Scrape off with a knife and spread on your favorite treat! Stores in fridge to keep butter fresh and ready to use.

Also perfect for grating cheeses without risking scraped or cut fingers and knuckles!
Knee Gel Pad Sleeve
Sturdy Knee Support!

Walk and exercise in comfort again! Full-coverage knee support features contoured gel patella pad, flexible side stabilizers, and comfortable stretch-knit construction for superior support without restricting mobility.
Collapsible Water Bottle
Flexible water bottle fits easily into pockets, purses, and bags, making it perfect for travel and exercising.

Made of food-grade silicone with leak-proof lid, wide fill opening, and small drink opening to help prevent spills.
Monster Trapper - As Seen On TV
The Ultimate Bug Killer!

Get rid of mosquitoes, flies, fleas, wasps, and more without dangerous chemicals, expensive exterminators, or loud zappers!

Indoor/outdoor bug remover attracts bugs with built-in UV light and sucking them into the 3,500 RPM vacuum, trapping pests until you're ready to dispose of them.

Whisper-quiet function and compact size makes it perfect for anywhere in your home, as well as BBQs, camping, and more.

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Big Red Hummingbird Feeder Set
Attract Beautiful Hummingbirds To Your Yard!

Bright red hummingbird feeders feature 3 ports, 3 perches, and sugar--just add water for instant nectar! Set of 2 nectar feeders are long lasting, reusable, and easy to clean.
Versatile Infrared Healing Wrap
Traditional heating pads only warm the skin, but this deep-tissue wrap uses safe infrared technology that penetrates deeply to relax sore muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints.

Three detachable pieces let you treat hands, knees, legs, elbows, arms, ankles, shoulders, back, abdomen, and even your hips!

Three temperature settings for optimal comfort. Plugs into USB power bank (not included) for on-the-go relief.
Blister Prevention Sock
Help Prevent Painful Heel Blisters!

Open-toed sleeve features hypoallergenic gel-pad cushions to protect heel and achilles area. Low-profile design fits in most dress shoes and sneakers, and latex-free material with bamboo fibers helps relieve pain and improve comfort.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.

Buy 2 or more, $12.50 each.
Curb Ramp
$69.98 - $74.98
Navigating Curbs Is Easier Again!

Portable ramp allows wheelchairs, scooters, and more to roll up curbs up to 5.5" high! Also great for maneuvering wagons, shopping carts, and hand carts with ease.

Durable, heavy-duty plastic construction can handle the weight of a full-size car! Mounting holes on sides and bottom for bolting multiple units together.

Note: Two units are necessary to accommodate wheelchairs and scooters greater than 23"W.
Revive Skin Recovery Cream
$23.50 - $24.98
Soothe And Heal Skin Affected From Radiation Treatments!

Scientifically formulated skin-recovery cream is designed to nourish and soothe symptoms of radiation dermatitis and other skin conditions. Contains a blend of natural botanicals, super moisturizers, and key proteins proven to actively support collagen formation.

For best results, begin using cream 2-3 weeks prior to treatment. Apply 3-4 times daily to affected area.
Cat Scratch Mat And Furniture Protector
Save Your Sofa From Kitty's Claws!

Cats naturally need to sharpen their claws and, unfortunately, their preferred target can often be your favorite recliner. If you've tried virtually everything to redirect her sharpening efforts, it's time to transform her favorite spot into the ultimate sharpening surface AND save your furniture!

Durable mat with sisal-fiber scratch area drapes over arm of chair or sofa and tucks under seat cushion to stay in place. Neutral cream and brown tones complement any décor.
Cross Giving Bracelet
An Elegant, Wearable Reminder Of Your Faith!

Charm bracelet features a dozen metal cross charms, offering a beautiful reminder of the encouragement and support of loved ones and friends. Charms hang from a leather bracelet with magnetic clasp.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not meant for children under 3 yrs.

Should not be worn by individuals who have implanted medical devices.
Finishing Touch Flawless Body - As Seen On TV
Instant, Painless, Full-Body Hair Removal!

The pain-free way to remove hair instantly--no water, creams, or gel needed! Rechargeable shaver features 18-kt. gold-plated bi-directional blades, SensaGuard for use on sensitive areas, 2 comb attachments for even trimming, and built-in LED so you never miss a hair.

Perfect for underarms, bikini area, legs, and more. Great for use at home, or for touch-ups on the go.

Includes cleaning brush, USB charge cable, and AC power adapter.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.

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Tri Massager With Rotating Acu-Spheres
Deep-Tissue Massage At Home!

Help relieve tension and pain in sore muscles without expensive trips to a massage therapist! Easy-grip massager features 3 sets of interchangeable, textured rotating spheres and 3 customizable massage options for use on back, thighs, arms, shoulders, and legs.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including DEHP, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm. For more information go to
UComfy Gel Seat - As Seen On TV
Amazingly comfortable gel cushion provides cool support at home, office, car, and more!

Air-flow cooling-gel technology helps you beat the heat, and durable honeycomb design doesn't lose its shape.

Includes cover with textured slip-resistant bottom to help keep cushion in place.

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God Bless America Birdhouse
Add a touch of Americana to your backyard with this patriotic birdhouse!

Birdhouse features star-spangled design, ceramic knob perch, and clean-out hole.
Extendable Universal Hot/Cold Support
Pain Relief And Support For Back, Shoulders, Arms, And Legs!

Universal-style compression wrap stretches to fit virtually any body part and includes gel pack for hot/cold therapy.
Ancient Secrets Of The Bible The Complete Series DVD Set
Is Every Biblical Story And Prophecy Literally True?

Did Adam and Eve actually exist--and where was their Garden of Eden? Is the Ark Of The Covenant still hidden somewhere in Israel or Ethiopia? Find answers to these questions and more with this award-winning series!

Disc set contains all 39 episodes, featuring dramatic re-creations, expert testimony, biblical evidence, scientific experiments, and more. Shot on location in 5 countries and in over 80 U.S. cities.
Thomas Kinkade Disney Princesses Coloring Book
Sixteen black line-art scenes from Thomas Kinkade's Disney Dreams Collection are just waiting for your artistic touch!

Create your own renditions, inspired by Disney princesses such as Belle, Snow White, Ariel, and more. Pages are removable and suitable for framing.
Stone Disk Lights Set - As Seen On TV
Decorate and help protect your home with these super-bright solar-powered LED disk lights--no wires or batteries needed!

Just install in ground with included stakes, or mount on any hard, flat surface to illuminate walkways, steps, decks, and more. Lights automatically turn on at night and off during the day.

Set of 4 lights feature attractive stone-look design.

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Roll-N-Go Sun Hat
Stylish, Portable Sun Protection!

Beating the heat has never looked so good! Attractive woven straw hat features braided faux-leather head band, 2-tone stripes, sun-blocking brim, and a roll-n-go design, making it easy to pack and tote wherever you go!

Headband snaps into place to keep hat rolled for travel and storage.
Colon Cancer Check
$18.98 - $19.98
Check For Colon Cancer At Home In As Little As 5 Minutes!

Now you can screen yourself at home for the 2nd most deadly form of cancer--no expensive doctor visits, mailing samples to a lab, or prescription needed!

Clean, one-step test screens for potential warning signs for colon cancer by checking for blood in the stool, and delivers easy-to-read results in 5 minutes.

Kit includes test device, collection vial, collection paper, and procedure card. Recommended twice a year.
Magnitouch Magnifier With LED Lights
Magnify And Illuminate Fine Print, Puzzle Pieces, Collectibles, And More!

Powerful 3X magnifier with super-bright LEDs and crystal-clear glass lens features touch-activated illumination and twist-action zoom for closely examining everything from prescription labels and maps to needlepoint and miniature models. Use on/off switch for "steady" light setting.

Includes deluxe zippered storage case and lens-cleaning cloth.
Happy Home Birdhouse
Adorably colorful birdhouse makes a cozy retreat for feathered friends or a charming accent to indoor décor.

Wood house features handpainted details, complete with pail with metal handle, potted cloth "plant," and picket fence. Includes jute hang cord, and hinged roof opens for cleaning.
Hearing Impaired Talking Telephone With Caller ID
  • Talking Caller ID.
  • Extra-Loud Adjustable Receiver & Ringer Volume.
  • Ultra-Bright Flashing Orange LED On Handset.
  • Emergency Speed-Dial.
  • Hearing-Aid Compatible.
  • Built-In Phone Book (Up To 25 Numbers).
  • 90-Number Call Memory.
  • 8 Ringer Melodies.
  • Music On Hold.
  • Desk Or Wall Mount.
Now, it's easier to know when someone is calling and who is on the line! *Requires caller ID service from your local telephone company.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
Pure Steam 2 Tier Basket
Quickly and easily steam meats and veggies on stovetop or in microwave!

2-in-1 steamer basket features 2 food trays for cooking whole meals at a time (smaller tray for meats, larger tray for veggies). Innovative lid directs heat to bottom water tray instead of food, allowing water to boil and steam to rise.

Use alone in microwave, or on stovetop with 7"-8" saucepans.
Bionic Trimmer - As Seen On TV
Hassle-Free, Pollution-Free Operation!

Easily trim grass, weeds, and more without messing with gas, oil, or cords! Super-powerful, lightweight trimmer trims with just 2 standard zip ties.

Includes extendable handle, debris shield, 24 zip ties, and charger.

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Dazzle Thruster Intimate Massager
Real Thrusting Action!

Experience 4 levels of incredible, insertable, thrusting action PLUS 3 solid rows of rotating beads for extra stimulation PLUS 12 vibration/pulsation/escalation functions for the vibrating, tickling "bunny" stimulator! Easy-to-use push-button controls.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Triple Tease Intimate Massager
Full-Contact Arousal!

Three-point vibrating stimulator hits all the right spots for pleasurable tension release! Flexibly soft material bends and moves with you, and multi-speed, whisper-quiet vibrations range from "tease" to "full speed ahead!"

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Jo For Him Daily Maximizer Cream And Pro Longer Spray
$19.98 - $22.98

Look & Feel Your Best!

Enhance the appearance of your erection with this luxurious topical cream! Infused with natural botanicals, this cream can also be used to maximize enjoyment during intimacy. Apply cream to penis surface daily for best results.

Enjoy Intimacy And Last Longer!

Maximum-strength topical desensitizing spray is specifically designed to slow the onset of ejaculation and enhance stay power. Apply a small amount to the head and shaft of the penis prior to intercourse to maximize pleasure.

Save 10% when you buy any 2 or more!
Uncut Emperor Intimate Massager
You'll Think It's The Real Thing!

Unbelievably realistic! Hand sculpted for unparalleled realism, this uncut "natural" style toy features super-soft PureSkin™ material with lifelike, retractable "foreskin," true-to-life texturing throughout, and ultra-strong suction-cup base for hands-free enjoyment.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Tapered Roller Ball Probe Intimate Massager
Thrilling, Rolling, Intimate Massage!

Silky-soft vibrating massager is perfect for adventurous fun on your own or with a partner. Sure to satisfy her G-spot, or perfect for prostate massage for him.

Contoured silicone probe features a unique rolling pleasure ball for pinpoint stimulation and 12 functions of intense vibration, pulsation, and escalation. Built-in memory chip remembers your last favorite setting for enjoyment immediately!

Petite size is perfect for discreet and comfortable use. Waterproof for fun in bath, pool, and more.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Red Hot Blaze Intimate Massager
Turn Up The Heat!

Compact vibrating massager with triple flickering teasers will fan the flames of passion and super charge your play time!

Made with super-soft, body-safe silicone; waterproof for shower or submergible tub fun; and features 10 vivacious functions of vibrations, pleasing pulsations, and erotic escalation.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Freemasons Wall Clock
Handsome clock featuring Masonic square and compass makes a sharp addition to home or office.

With bold Arabic numerals and Freemasonry credo, it makes a perfect gift for the Mason in your life.
3 In 1 Personal Fan
$13.98 - $14.98
Beat the heat with this versatile 3-in-1 portable fan!

Wear it using included breakaway lanyard, hold in your hand, or set on desk. Handle folds and fan head adjusts to deliver just the right cooling angle.

Assorted colors; our choice, please.
Automatic Expandable Batons
When you need to protect yourself, seconds count!

With just the touch of a button, this heavy-duty steel baton instantly expands, offering you a powerful 30 lbs. of pressure (which can help when an attacker gets too close!).

With built-in safety slide to prevent accidental activation, rubber handle, and genuine-leather holster with belt loop.

Note: May not be legal in all states. Please check with your local authorities.
CT200 Cassette Player
Remember when making a mix tape for someone was a gesture of love, meant to impress? Crank up some of those old cassettes and party hardy, or just chill out to some radio tunes!

Retro player includes a tape deck, AM/FM radio, headphone jack, treble/bass adjustment, recording feature, built-in microphone, cassette auto-stop, and extendable antenna.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Diethanolamine which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to
Coke Slush Maker
Nothing is more refreshing than Coke over ice--unless it's a delicious Coke slush! Electric unit uses crushed ice and salt to freeze your favorite sugar-based sodas and juices into yummy treats!

Features include convenient cord storage, an easy-flow spout for smooth, consistent dispensing, as well as detachable cup rest, drip tray, and tank for efficient cleanup.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.
Portable Digital LED TV
  • Resolution: 1280 x 800.
  • Rechargeable.
  • AC/DC operation.
  • Built-in digital TV tuner.
  • Dual AV input jacks.
  • Adjustable Wire Stand.
  • HDMI, USB, and SD input compatible.
Watch your favorite shows and movies at home or on-the-go! Portable wide-screen LED TV features built-in digital TV tuner, speakers, and headphone jack, and even allows you to enjoy video and audio files from USB or SD storage devices.

Includes full-functional remote control, A/C adapter, AV line, and antenna.
Arctic Hat - As Seen On TV
Hat combines evaporative cooling and UV protection from the sun's rays!

Cooling inner liner retains cold water and slowly evaporates to keep your head up to 20°F cooler than outside temp. Simply wet inner lining before wearing for instant relief!

Exterior radiant barrier blocks up to 99% of sun's harmful UV rays and reflects 80% of sun's heat, utilizing the same technology used by professional athletes, U.S. military, and emergency services!

With ventilation panels and adjustable chin strap.

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The Mountain Eagle Flag Collage Tee
$19.98 - $23.98
Freedom takes flight on the wings of this bald eagle, streaking across an American flag backdrop while his regal comrade keeps watch.

Patriotic scene features distressed artwork for a vintage look; richly detailed and tie-dyed in shades of dusky blue.

From The Mountain®.
Personalized Grillmeister Tee And Apron
$23.98 - $26.98
Recognize his skill on the grill with his name on the natural tan T-shirt.

Grill skills deserve an apron emblazoned with his moniker! Natural tan canvas with fabric ties, multiple pockets, and adjustable neck strap.

State name up to 12 spaces.
Lighted LED Magnifier Set
With 3 Interchangeable Lenses!

Convenient light-up magnifier lets you zoom in 2.5X, 6X, and 16X! Perfect for precision crafting, intricate repairs, close-up inspections, small type and more.

Features 3 interchangeable lenses, with 2 super-bright LEDs in the handle and slip-resistant grip.
Promoted To Great Grandma Tee
$17.98 - $19.98
Whatever you call her--Nana, Meemaw, Baba, or Yaya--she's the best!

Let her know how you feel with our purple tee that shows off her promotion.
Thomas Kinkade Bridge Of Faith Wall Clock
This charming clock features a beautiful illustration entitled "Bridge Of Faith" by the renowned Thomas Kinkade. Each hour is announced by the beloved hymn, "Amazing Grace."

Frame is perfect for wall mount or desk/shelf display, using the built-in stand. Light sensor deactivates music when room is dark.
Donald Trump Stand Up
Invite the leader of the free world into your home!

President Trump may not be able to accept your personal invitation, but this life-sized cardboard cutout may be the next best thing, featuring President Donald Trump giving you 2 thumbs up and wearing a black suit with yellow & blue striped tie.
Specialty Adult Coloring Pencils Set
Turns out one of our favorite childhood pastimes is still one of our favorites as grown-ups!

Adults everywhere are rediscovering the joys of coloring as a relaxing, rewarding and inexpensive hobby. Artist-quality colored pencil set is specifically designed for adult coloring books and posters.

Set of 36 includes specialty colors, neons and metallics.
Contemporary Maple Day Time Clock
The sleek analog Day/Time Clock tells both the time of day AND the day of the week!

The lines around each day denote midnight, and the middle spot is noon. The red hand circles the clock face 168 hours each week (seven 24-hour days).
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