Back and Neck Care

Back and Neck Care

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Pain-Ease Spinal Care Back Brace
Was: $65.98
Now: $58.98


Spinal bracing adds strength and gives support to spinal discomfort and strain, as it helps relieve the pain from pressure injuring the nerves in the spine.

Lightweight frame with foam liner encourages abdominal compression which allows pressure on the vertebral column to unload (providing relief).

Recommended for herniated disc, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis and compression fractures.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Deep Tissue Hammer Massager
Designed to relieve severe tension using two independently rotating percussion heads to instantly soothe the tense, tired muscles that lay deep beneath the surface.

Ergonomic shape ensures that the massager stays in close contact with your body. Perfect for upper and lower back, shoulders, thighs, calves and more.

Colors may vary, our choice please.
Releaf Neck Rest™ Head Support
Give your neck and shoulder muscles a chance to relax with the Neck Rest.

Place around neck for a comfortable experience that provides a lifting sensation as it temporarily supports the weight of your head. Perfect for travel, sleeping upright, working at a computer and more.

The unique flex tension construction conforms to the shape of the neck as it supports your head. Velcro® strap for adjustable fit.

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