Extendable Sock Aid

Item # 70334

1.0 Based on 2 reviews.
You don't have to bend or stretch awkwardly to put on your socks--let this extendable sock aid help you!

Just slide your sock onto the front, make sure the poles are extended to your preferred height, then slide foot through opening. Works with hosiery and compression socks too.
Total number of Reviews: 2
"Poorly designed, poorly constructed. Does not work."
"I'm sorry to say this item does not work. I have tried repeatedly to get my sock on and with no success. I have another aid that has towel like material on one side and it works with great ease. If someone knows the secret to using this, please let me know."
– EllaMay Butler, Concord, NH
  • 15.5" long.
  • Extend up to 24.5".