Gel Bunion Splint With Toe Spreader

Item # 76174

$12.98 $3.37 $12.98
A Kinder, Gentler Bunion Splint!

Soothing splint has a soft gel disk to cushion and protect bunions and a gel toe spreader to gently align big toe. Helps reduce pain and pressure, stop rubbing, and prevent new bunions.

Gel spreader stretches and separates overlapped toes, alleviating pressure, friction, and pain. Comfortable elastic sling stretches and keeps big toe in place by wrapping behind heel or midfoot.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
$12.98 $3.37 $12.98
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  • One size fits most adults.
  • Fits in most shoes.
Nylon/Spandex/TPR gel.