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J3 TV Listener®
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J3 TV Listener®
Clearly Hear The TV Without Disturbing Others!

Listen to your TV at a volume that is loud enough for you without disturbing others. Ideal if you have difficulty hearing or if you share a room with someone else.

Headset features soft, cushioned ear pieces that swivel for maximum comfort plus built-in volume adjustment. Headset works for over 15 hours -- and recharges when plugged into transmitter.

Works with any TV (including all flat screens), stereo, or audio devices.

J3 TV Listener includes transmitter, 1 headset, AC adapter, 4 adapters and 2 rechargeable batteries. No limit to the number of headsets that can be used with the Listener as volume is independently adjustable for each user.
J3 TV Listener®
J3 TV Listener® Extra Headset