World Emu Arthritis Pain Cream

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Emu oil, a natural wonder, contains Lenolenic acid (a pain killer) and Oleic acid (an anti-inflammatory). Plus, it penetrates the skin quickly, allowing for immediate pain relief.

Does not contain capsaicin, has no odor and will not stain your clothing. No known side effects.
Total number of Reviews: 2
"This is the most amazing product I have ever used and am more than anxious to get more."
"I was seriously injured in a traffic accident that fractured my neck, injured my left shoulder, and both knees. I could not lift or raise my left arm, had pain and swelling in my knees. I had to ice them several times throughout the day. I saw an Ortho surgeon who recommended surgery but instead I started using this product morning and night. A year later I lift weights, workout daily on a treadmill and ride a bike for one hour. I believe this product kept me from needing to have knee surgery."
  • 3.5 oz. jar.
  • Apply twice daily or as needed.